Sunday, July 01, 2007

$76 billion

is up for grabs in this year's Farm Bill.

That's 76 billion- with a "B"
So even if we grant Charles Schwab a half-million for his private duck-hunting club "rice farm" and pay Scottie Pippen and Ken Lay to manage their "conservation lands," there should be plenty left to invest in sustainable farming methods and operations.

As much as I'd like to write about the importance of impeaching our criminal vice president, this week I'm banging my head on the wall for a different cause.

This past year, we Owlhouse-ians picked green beans in the freezing rains, evil eyed carrot-eating deer, harvested thousands of pounds of potatoes, planted cucumber seeds to the second knuckle and sheltered berries from sun and storm. The farmers we worked with are land stewards, cultural historians, nutritionists, inventors, musicians, educators and healers. Not to mention they're responsible for some of the best food we've ever eaten. Chews Wise has a terrific post outlining the proposed investment in organic farming. You don't have to have goat-milking experience to recognize the importance of federal support for organic practices.

At Mulch Blog, The Environmental Working Group will keep you up to date. Organic Farming Research Foundation has everything else you need to know.

Grow Organics
So sign the petition already.


Anonymous said...

RE: Cheney: words fail me---just when I think that nothing more outragous can be said/done...our administration one-ups itself. How can our vp say that he is not part of the exec branch?! At this point, even Mike Gravel looks good to me. At least Bush's pardon of Libby wasn't unexpected....just the timing was surprising.
Still, things could be worse--we live in a country that places time limits on terms of office and where freedom of expression is not merely okay--it is championed. 18 months and counting.
How hot is in UT? It is 80 today--80+ is forecast for the remainder of the week.
Love, Mom

owlhouse said...

Oh, I'm sure you have plenty of words for Cheney- but putting them in any specific order towards making sense of this outstanding mess- is near impossible.
I know it's twisted, but I'm almost excited by the remaining year and a half of THIS. I'm wondering when we, the ever thoughtful and informed public, will finally recognize "rock bottom" and what recovery might look like.

Glad you're getting some sun!