Sunday, July 08, 2007

atrocious grocery, pt 4

Most disturbing of our pizza mishaps was not the confusion in doubling the recipe. Was that two cups of water? Really, six more cups of flour?

Not the rotten cheese sprinkled over a beautiful pie before we detected the smell.

Not the large pizza baked to perfection, pulled from the oven only to slide, topping side down, to the carpeted floor.

Most distressing was a dairy case encounter with mock-cheese.

Good Day Pizza Topping
shredded imitation mozzarella cheese
Orem, UT
Albertsons preferred-card price, $5.99/ 32 oz.

It's worth noting, this is not a vegan product, nor free of common allergens. It claims to be cholesterol-free. Is that possible when partially hydrogenated oil is the second ingredient? Inquiring minds want to know but Good Day appears to have no web presence.

If only I had a picture to document our eventual triumph in the world of home-made pizza. With real cheese.

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