Wednesday, July 11, 2007

a list

"How is your visit...
Do you think we're all crazy then?"

The neighbor wasn't referencing the "Free Sno-cone" stand her son had set up in the driveway. (In this weather, we all know icy treats are worth a dollar. 50-cents, minimum.) Five years she's been in Utah and her family won't visit. It's not just the expense of traveling from Europe, it's the religion. And she asked again, "So, what do you think of us Mormons, we're not so nuts are we?"

A series of impressions, noticeably void of philosophy or theology.

  • easily accessible neighborhood parks where soccer and basketballs wait for use by all- not crazy
  • pancake breakfast in the park- not crazy

  • fireworks/rockets for sale in grocery store, no age requirement- crazy
  • lack of sidewalks and coffee shops- crazy
  • extensive library offerings including weekday programs for teens- not crazy

Turns out it's a community much like most others.
Green apple sno-cones are better than expected too. And the mountains are stunning.

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Anonymous said...

Just hope the officer from the Neighborhood Pres Patrol involved in the reported incidentdoesn't come to my neighborhood, where barren lawns are practically de rigueur!
Nice pool pictures. Hi to all.
Love, Mom