Monday, July 30, 2007

14 + 1:20

Ukiah celebrated his birthday today. Aslin made a point of reminding him that technically, he wasn't 14 until 8:05pm. In turn, since we marked the wrong occasion, he invited us to celebrate again next week, likely with more strawberry shortcake. Should a unicycle find its way into his near future, it could be an event worthy of raspberry shortcake.

We're 8,000 feet in the mountains collecting stories on the politics of ski resorts, improving our watershed educations and enjoying good company. It's dial-up land, so envision cabins, creeks, wildflowers, vacant chair-lifts, granite, spruce and aspen.

(happy birthday Lia!)


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY UKIAH! Hope it was fun! Griff celebrated his with David at the Grand Canyon, and now they're in Vegas where they'll be going to the Cirque du Soleil show tonite. They're having a great time I think....And, they're driving my new Civic Hybrid which I haven't even seen yet - I had to trade in my Accord because it was just way too much of a gas hog.
And in other news, I'm joining a new company today which I think will be a better fit for me. Otherwise, not a whole lot new here to report except that we're having a spectacular monsoon season - yay!
Love you guys!

Bryan said...

Happy Birthday, Ukiah!

Do not ride a unicycle on redrock sandstone. Too steep. Also not safe in aspen groves: too narrow!

We miss you guys.


Ukiah said...

We had a great day, complete with Strawberry shortcake (mmmmmmmmmmm...) We drove down into the valley to see Ratatouille (spelling??) which was very good!
Miss you both!

Anonymous said...
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