Saturday, October 06, 2007

2 truths and a lie

Our game repertoire is expanding. In between singing the rainbow song and practicing kneeing against an enormous soccer ball, I'm learning to Wake up Fred and play Battleship at work. Ukiah and the homeschool teens spent half an hour silently arranging themselves according to their birthdays. Expanding his terms of endearment vocabulary, Brad won a few hands of Quao. And after last week's drama class, Aslin taught us what could be a fabulous party game or a unique communication style, 2 Truths and a Lie.

  • I'm learning how to knit.
  • I'm trying to read all the books in the house.
  • I hate Kelly Clarkson.


  • This werewolf is headed to Germany to promote cobweb sales.
  • I was driving through Madison Valley when the brakes gave out.
  • I'm not giving up the green chair.

  • I don't like socks.
  • I'm learning to use a zambato.
  • I like clay toasters.

  • My hands froze selling Liberty and Scarlet O'Hara apples at the market.
  • I'm taking a break from Earl Grey tea.
  • I haven't heard any squirrels on the roof in days.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

been there, done that, would do it all again

This incomplete list of trip favorites use to live in the side bar. She graciously moved to a post knowing that no matter how painful, it's time for the Owlhouse to move forward.

Cape Disappointment- Long Beach Peninsula, WA

Saturday Market- Eugene, OR

Crater Lake, Oregon

Barack Obama, 2008

Cowboy Poets- Elko, NV

Gilgal Sculpture Garden- SLC, Utah

Lazy Lizard- Moab, Utah

Mesa Verde, Colorado

Carver Brewing- Durango, CO

Taos Pueblo, NM

Georgia O'Keeffe Museum- Santa Fe, NM

White Sands, NM

Chiricahua Mts, AZ

Bisbee- Bisbee, AZ

Desert Museum - Tucson, AZ

Sonora Co-housing - Tucson, AZ

Sam's Family Spa -Desert Hot Springs, CA

Ghetty Museum - Los Angles, CA

Camp Ocean Pines - Cambria, CA

Pipestone Vineyards - Paso Robles, CA

Sacramento Valley School - Sacramento, CA

Guemes Island - Washington

Lake Okanagan - Kelowna, British Columbia

Lake Louise - Banff, British Columbia

Kaslo- Kaslo, British Columbia

Kamloops Farmer's Market - Kamloops, British Columbia

Touchstone Farm - Mayerthorpe, Alberta

Gaetz Lake Sanctuary- Red Deer, Alberta

Local Currancy - Calgary, Alberta

Tyrrell Dinosaur Museum - Drumheller (Badlands), Alberta

Glacier National Park - Montana

Coeur d'Alene Library - Idaho

Grand Coulee Dam -Coulee, WA