Monday, July 23, 2007

Wicket, #2 on the "cute" list

"I know what the cutest Lego Star Wars guys are.
1- Jawa
2- Ewok
Last is the pig face guy. Oh ya, George Washington."

After breakfast the computer wasn't available. Kyle, six, couldn't play his game yet. With no one else playing, he couldn't even watch, listen or advise. Only one remaining option. We heard about battles and levels and character hair-styles. I read the paper, Brad read his book and we continued our string of conversations on the Founders and the Constitution. Kyle sat between us with announcements of his favorite characters. The true identity of the pig-face guy remains unclear. We're also not sure where Kyle got his song about David Lee Roth.


Anonymous said...

bizare post. i loved it!

ps. by the way, you wouldn`t be interested in revealing IT to me, would you? by IT i don`t mean anything indecent or pornographic...i`m referring to the ending of a certain literary phenomenon....???

owlhouse said...

I have a confession, Ladybug. I'm not up to speed on the HP books- so am afraid I can't share the secrets. My speeding reading niece and nephew finished the book in 5 and 7 hours respectively- so if you don't have another source, I'll have one of them share the details. It could be months before I get to 4-6, and by them, I'm sure the conclusion will be common knowledge!