Sunday, June 03, 2007

Lost and Found

And while we're making lists...

3 flip flops- Idaho/Cambria,California(?)
1 wool blanket- Millet, Alberta
2 rings- Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
1 jar of Ukiah's special chili powder- Carstairs, AB
1 New Mexico map- (Arizona?)
2 stainless bowls- parking lot, Idaho
2 socks (not a pair)- laundromat, California
1 soccer ball- Cambria, California
1 skateboard- Tucson, Arizona
1 necklace- hotel, California
1 water bottle- California (?)
1 Bonsai potato- Tuscon, Arizona
1 sweater- Stone Curves, Tucson, Arizona
1 glass measuring cup- ?
1 tea cup- Alamogordo, New Mexico
2 bags parsnips and beets- Lake Okanagan, BC
1 DS game, Metroid Prime- Sacramento, CA
1 mechanical pencil- (?)

Lost and Found
10 cords (camera, ipod, computer, phone, game boy... ) and 1 very precious coffee pot- Mayerthorpe, Alberta
1 atlas- Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico
--keys, wallets, lip balm, sun screen, books, clothes box lid, bottle opener, glasses, hats and gloves, watch
----sleep, appetite, hope, confidence, fear, sense of humor


friends, pretty rocks, books, amaryllis bulbs, recipes, copper charm, tee shirts, Mr. Deity, skills, cat toy, inspiration, poison oak remedies, beautiful landscapes...

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