Saturday, June 02, 2007

A few months of reading

A version of this book list, has been sitting in a draft file, waiting patiently to be linked to the larger world.

It's a source of debate, but the L and A homestead library likely outweighs the Wolf oven that baked this morning's cinnamon rolls. A collection of bird books, 10 feet of well-used cook books, a growing department of construction/engineering/design titles and double-shelved rows of fiction indicate many things. Most importantly, it looks as though a visit to Ruidoso Downs will result in the quadrupling of our own must read book list. (Proper inspiration to bring this list to light!)

Little House on a Small Planet, Shay Salomon
How to be Good and A Long Way Down, Nick Hornby
The Distinguished Guest, Sue Miller
Women in the Material World, Faith D'Aluisio & Peter Menzel
The Math Instinct: Why You're a Mathematical Genius (Along with Lobsters, Birds, Cats, and Dogs), Keith Delvin
Total Yoga, Tara Fraser
Waxwings, Jonathan Raban
Jesus Land, Julia Scheeres
The Homework Myth: Why Our Children Get Too Much of a Bad Thing, Alfie Kohn
Babbitt, Sinclair Lewis
Healing Wise, Susan Weed

Snobbery, Joseph Epstein
Fish Lips, Andy Lochrie
Bait and Switch and Nickled and Dimed Barbara Ehrenreich
Global Woman: Nannies, Maids and Sex Workers in the New Economy, Barbara Ehrenreich and Arlie Hochschild
Assassination Vacation, Sara Vowell
The Man in the High Castle, Philip K. Dick
Middlesex, Jeffrey Eugenides
Kitchen Confidential, Anthony Bourdain
Time and Again, Jack Finney
Dark Imaginings, Robert Boyer

Rolling Stone
Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy, Restaurant At the End of the Universe, Life, the Universe & Everything, and So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish; Douglas Adams
Antarctica, Peter Lerangis
Abarat, Clive Barker
Dark Lord of Derkholm, Diana Wynne Jones

Pinky Pyeand Ginger Pye, Eleanor Estes
Stone Soup magazine
The Cat Lady, Damien Graves
Ella Enchanted, Gail Carson Levine
Misty of Chincoteague, Marguerite Henry
Witch,Elizabeth Lenhard
BFG and The Witches, Roald Dahl

Enjoyed by two or more members of the owlhouse
Criminal, Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips
The Giver, Lois Lowry
Milkweed, Jerry Spinelli
The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror, Christopher Moore
NeverWhere, Neil Gaiman
Sisters Grimm #01: The Fairy-Tale Detectives, Michael Buckley
Anthills of the Savannah, Chinua Achebe
The Westing Game, Ellen Raskin
The Squirrel Mother, Megan Kelso
Let's Go Roadtripping USA on a Budget
Fast Food Nation, Eric Schlosser
Ishmael, Daniel Quinn
Sagas of the Canadian West, Frank Anderson

This trip's earlier reads have not been linked, but selections will be personally reviewed upon request!


dawn quitter hc said...

hey family! I'm glad to see that Buttercup rolled you off to somewhere new. Like New Mexico! Awesome! Nora, I noticed Shay&Nigels' book on your list, and I clicked the link to Powell's online bookstore. (SO COOL) The book didn't have a review written for it yet, so I nominate you as the premier writer and reviewer of EVERYTHING GOOD IN THE WORLD. I noticed that in a proceeding comment post someone 'got the job'. I on the other hand just quit. Now making my Seattle batting average: 4 Quits, 3 x Fired and 2 Walk-outs. I am going back to school. Does Clearwater have a program for 19 to 99 year olds?

owlhouse said...

So it's official? You've parted ways with the non-profit and their pesky need for consensus? I think congratulations are in order here too! As long as you're not planning to leave your position as acting executive director of the Owlhouse.

I will be looking for work soon. If you really think it suits my natural knee-jerk need to be contrary, maybe I can find employment as the reviewer of all good things! (The book is fantastic but my review won't get to Powells for a couple months.)

Somebody is working on an adult version of a Clearwater/Sudbury school for adults. Remember my need to be contrary? Apply here. We'll talk!!