Wednesday, May 23, 2007

there are worse things

Like, say, peacekeepers profiting in gun trade.

Or, engaging in war on fraudulent intelligence, with no regard for history only to leave troops entirely unprepared.

And allowing non-organic hops in "organic" beer.

Then there's the carcinogenic soda industry and new evidence on the link between pesticides and Parkinson's disease.

So clearly, life complicated by our demanding little miss Buttercup, is on the low end of things that are wrong in the world. And while many are overwhelmed when confronted with the pain and injustice in the world, I am optimistic. Cynically optimistic, but hopeful none the less. I marvel at our accomplishment in spite of it all.

In a former life, Chris was a travel agent. With a few clicks, she found us $95 seats out of Phoenix. We passed. The cash cushion is wearing quite thin, but we'll press on. One way to Seattle out of Denver can't be that much more. With any luck, we'll be on the road tomorrow.


Tara, Allan and GraceAnne said...

We're probably a bit late, but tickets from Dallas to Seattle don't cost much, either ;)

Hope you guys have had a great trip! I've enjoyed reading the blog when we remember to do it 8-|

owlhouse said...

Hello Texans!
We had so hoped to make it to your state, but the travel plans have been edited, again and again.

hmm... if airfare isn't too bad does that mean you'll be visiting sometime relatively soon? Once we're home, of course!

love to you all. email, would ya?