Sunday, May 13, 2007

emmer rye

The mystical grain I couldn't remember. A paper published in 1972, on the comparative evolution of cereal and a passover quiz are among the few google hits.

True or False- According to Mishnah, matzoh could be made from wheat, barley, emmer, rye and oats.

You may be interested to note that the quiz distinguishes between emmer and rye, opening a natural connection to the evolution article.

So. The scone, I'm sorry to report, fell far short of the scone of my memory. The tomatoes, greens, B & D's early trip to another bakery, and my brief encounter with the intriguing scone-selling character more than made up for it. A gift, complete with Warren Buffett tribute followed by a walk to the apricot tree, and I've over come the let down entirely.

Peace, love and promise to all you mamas, this and every day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nora--Politics, Schmolitics! I am too busy with personal crises (ala our phone call)-- but want to compliment you on your awarness and articulateness. I love the picture of you in the hat! Am glad to see that my custom of wrapping in newspaper!! Take care and KEEP WRITING! Love, Mom

owlhouse said...

Thanks Mom. Ukiah was trying to document my scone-lady interaction at the farmers market, or at least capture her plastic palm. The light is BRIGHT by 9am, the right angle hard to get.

If you'd like, I'm pretty sure I can link you crises to our current administration. A six-degrees-of-separation-type cause if that would be helpful. ;)