Wednesday, May 23, 2007

if at first you don't succeed

try, try again.
David took multiple shots of us in our new let there be light lamps. Regrettably, Brad thought the entire photo session was dedicated to mad scientist impressions. With any luck, er, I mean, with sound mechanical repair, our multiple attempts to get Buttercup back on the road will prove far more successful.

Sure, Mike has his doubts on global warming coupled with a theory on some sort of new communism he's dubbed common-ism, but he'd like to have coffee and discuss our differences. Because that's what Americans do. And this particular libertarian-American seemed to have gone through our car wearing a head lamp of his own. Mike replaced the air filter "for free", doesn't know why anyone would replace just the left tie-rod, and triple checked the fans. The van has a "good aura" and he doesn't even believe in these things. He charged the a/c with F-12 anyway, just to be safe. A mile-a-minute talker, real words, I don't detect fasttalk.

"It's no good having a nice mechanic." He once had a guy from out of state cancel payment on a $4,500 engine rebuild. There's a 200 gallon aquarium in the office. "Need someone to get the job done." Blew a water pump in the outside LA back in what- '93? There should never be televisions in the lobby, they stress people out. Just tranquil fish. He knows what it's like to be stranded. Made a vow to always give priority to water pumps. "You need someone mean to go in, tell you what's going on. What it takes to fix it." At 20-minutes past closing and an off duty mechanic checks the temperature in the tropical tank, says good night to the platy and zebra danios.

Mike and his wife would love to come to Seattle. If we make it home, I'll happily take them for coffee.

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