Saturday, May 19, 2007

morning quote

"I like the grasshoppers so much better than the ants. It's in their best interest to get out of my way, not climb on and bite me. Plus they're kind of cute" -- Ukiah

Today we'll be looking into herbal and homeopathic insect repellents. Garlic and B vitamins are not enough.


Stephanie said...

Thought I'd offer up my recipe for insect repellant - it works wonderfully, and it doesn't make your skin feel icky. It's made of a carrier oil and various essentials. If you'd like the recipe (can't give it now, I'm not at home) I'll be happy to look it up later.
Stephanie (

owlhouse said...

Thanks Stephanie, nice to meet someone int he unschool ring!

I'll drop a line for your recipe. Tucson is full of tiny ants, both red and black. They definitely bite but I'm wondering if they carry an irritant on their legs too. Quite uncomfortable. Torture for Ukiah.