Monday, May 07, 2007

we heart film!

Thanks to library cards in California and an extended stay in Tucson, we've seen many more movies than one might expect on a road trip. Of course if we'd known our pace would be so relaxed, allowing for dozens of movie nights, we might have started a process for reviewing movies. We could have used a four-thumb system and Ukiah's inevitable career as a critic could be funding this trip by now. Alas.

Our profile page is constantly calling for revision. The interests and favorite music of these four people tend to shift depending on climate, dinner plans, general irritability and most recent trip to the ocean/favorite on-line forum/gelato shop. Our hand was forced when we had to make space for a particularly crazy, magic-themed film, The Prestige with David Bowie (and other big names).

One of us suffers from "deficient movie-memory syndrome" and tends to rent/borrow the same films over and over, only to realize 39 minutes into the show, that the other members of the family were correct. We have seen this before. So, rather than delete the old list, I'm saving it here. If you wonder how I can in good conscience spit the list into a post with out even bothering to link to the reviews of others, please know that I'm alleviating feelings of guilt/laziness by offering a personalized review of any of the entertainment gems below. By someone who remembers the film in question. Feel free to ask.


list includes all films seen, not necessarily recommended

Nacho Libre
Walk the Line
Strangers with Candy
Oliver Twist
Miracle on 34th St.
Tallageda Nights
Pirates of the Caribbean
Motorcycle Diaries
Paradise Now
1 Hour Photo
Cafe Lumiere
Iron Jawed Angles
Man on the Train
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe
Up and Down
Battlestar Galactia
Who Killed the Electric Car?
Off the Map
Lord of the Rings trilogy
The Pursuit of Happyness
Jesus Camp
Bubba Ho-Tep
Weeds- season 1
Mr. Deity
The Prestige
Night at the Museum
The Illusionist


Anonymous said...

Nora, you need to see Volvar, really good.
Here is by blog space address Tom

owlhouse said...

You're the third person to suggest that film, Tom. It's on my list.

Thanks for your blog- I'll look forward to your poetry. And photos?