Saturday, April 28, 2007

gratutious blogging

We haven't had much news to share. Chris went to Scotland. It's almost official moving day. Skinny kitty moved her babies. One of us is considering shaving his/her head. The bites of tiny red ants hurt. Really hurt. Jon Stewart is amazingly intelligent and quite diplomatic and Bill Moyers appears to have a journalist-crush on him. We're looking at permaculture volunteer-study options in Colorado and Oregon. A pint-size liquid nitrogen bottle costs $500. Randall L. Tobias, the deputy secretary of state responsible for U.S. foreign aid (including limiting funds to organizations who don't follow the administration's "abstinence only" preachings)- resigned amid the growing White House-prostitution scandal. It costs $1,200 to ship a 60 pound box from Tucson to Mozambique via UPS. And, I accidentally bought a chicken tamale at the farmer's market today.

By our standards, any of these could be blog-worthy stories. But this was going to be a road-trip travel-blog. Please enjoy this random selection of photos as we reconsider our mission here at owlhouse blog.

Sid finds refreshment, far from the reach of Diana's claws.

Brad's living room fashion show, inspired by a pre-move closet-cleaning and recent viewing of Zoolander.

Ukiah in David's Thai hat, worn on our inaugural trip to Sam's Club where people stared as we confirmed, first-hand, the evils of globalization.

Aslin bought 14 raffle tickets (to help fund a mormon baby adoption), won four times, and was one of the last to leave the dance floor.

Another fine specimen from David's international house of hats. And me, serving as a model for all those that believe salad should be finger food.

Well that was fast. Consideration complete. Turns out the blog can be related to any aspect of the lives of owlhouse residents or alumni. Peanut and Buddy confirmed the terms and conditions according to our bylaws. Stay-tuned for stories that may or may not involve travel.


Ukiah said...

You should see me in sunglasses wearing that hat!!

Anonymous said...

mormon baby adoption? what did aslin win in the raffle?

owlhouse said...

I knew adoption might require more complete information.

"Dance for a Baby" was a night of international dance, a fundraiser for a mormon couple preparing to adopt within their church community. The baby's aunt (future aunt?) lives at Sonora and the event was on site. I made really tasty no-bake chocolate oat cookies for the bake sale.

Oh, and. preparing for the event, we took a trip out to the home/workshop of an amazing sound engineer to pick up the maple dance floor that had been salvaged from the UofA dumpsters.

I'll ask Aslin to let you know about the raffle prizes.

Aslin said...

I won a basket with lotion and cremes, a necklace, earrings, bracelet, some candy and a scarf.

I have two friends that did not win in the raffle so I shared with them.

Bryan said...

As a onetime-Mormon adoptee, I commend Aslin for her support of my roots. I am a little surprised that the Mormon hard line against encouraging gambling is being relaxed. Just another sign of the coming apocalypse, I guess.

All best from currently-sunny Seattle, on the eve of moving-weekend.

owlhouse said...

ah, see? This is what happens when we don't tell the whole story. To be fair, the gambling was NOT organized by anyone with a religious affiliation, the only mormon connection was in receiving the proceeds.

I heard if you don't give the post office your new address, the apocalypse will not know where to find you.

Congratulations on the new place! I'm sending along my recently refreshed furniture geometry skills.