Monday, April 02, 2007

Basket balls should not have quills.

We planned to play some basketball this morning, but by 11:00 it was too hot. "The worst kind of weather," Ukiah called it "warm, muggy, just- eehh." By 4, the shade from the recycling bins spread a few feet down the curb- just enough of a bench for us to rotate from- commenting on the oppressive sun, taking shots, playing PIG, rushing for a rebound before the ball connected with the landscape.

Spring has srprung and that means new growth on the cacti. Young spines not fully rooted to their greenery, pierce the rubber of a stray ball. Baby thorns go unnoticed until the ball, back in play, meets a hand just so. And someone makes a tweezer run.

Arizona outdoor bball lesson- don't miss the backboard.

To the best of our knowledge, the penguins of Saturday night's birthday celebration avoid quill injury by not playing ball. They did sympathize as they've experienced (first hand) the discomfort of toothpick impalement.


Ukiah said...

The penguins also had to endure being eaten alive...

Anonymous said...

Ukiah--that ball looks like it's about to SWISH for two points! How do you play PIG? Love, Gma

PS--what is the story behind the cannibilized penguins!?