Thursday, April 19, 2007

proper tourists

I have yet to hear anyone say anything positive about Tombstone, so let me be the first. Keeping in mind that I love history and campy drama and can usually tell the difference, I found a friendly town, colorful history, plenty to do without big money and a miniature horse. There are three, possibly four companies that produce gunfight shows, some comedies, some "historical" reenactments. Much to Aslin's disappointment, we didn't catch the Clanton Clan v. Wyatt Earp/"Doc" Holliday showdown or the OK Corral incident.

We did duck into the Bird Cage Theatre and the courthouse studying up on Ed Schieffelin, the wandering miner who first came to Arizona with the US Calvary. He gave up scouting with troops from Ft. Hauchua, striking out on his own. Schieffelin was warned that in this Chiricahua Apache's land, all he'd find was his "tombstone". From 1877-1886, $19 million of silver ore was mined from the hills of the aptly named town.

In the early 1880's, before the mine floods of 1886, Tombstone was known for lawlessness, liquor, wealth, vaudeville and serious theater. "China Mary" headed a well established Chinatown and Thanksgiving 1887 at the Maison Doree Restaurant included Pate Financiere and Buffalo Tongue. The Boothill Cemetery (and Jewish Memorial)- 1878-1884, gives a clear impression of boom, hardship and bust that was
Tombstone. Rodriguez, Kee, Rosenthal are buried among the unknown, infamous,"Two Cowboys- drowned," and those "shot four times," "lynched," "stabbed," and "found in abandon mine."

Our day continued another hour down Hwy 80 to Bisbee, an incredible town rich with copper, art, architecture, and narrow one way streets. I wish it was all Buddha and Sailor Moon folk art, but Bisbee has a painful labor history and I'm sure is in need of ongoing environmental clean-up. We plan to spend a few days in the area in early May, so look forward to more public art photos. I saw Chairman Mao, larger-than-life, on a utility box. Really.

(Notice anything special about this adventure? That's right, we made it there and back with no mechanical mishaps! Knock wood.)


dawn bloodyeyes hc said...

Whooo-eee! It must be getting hottie hah cha cha hot in the Tucson right now. So, did Casbah get a second chance? Is Buttercup a 'happy camper'? Could you bring a kitten home? So exciting! Where are you thinking about next? I saw that "Fast Food Nation" was on the booklist, Kailin and I just watched the movie (guess who's becoming vegetarian?) Oh, and Paul 'ef the world-I'm gonna make my friends 'n me rich' Wolfowitz, yeah, makes me wish I could shoot blood out of my eyes as an expression of acute rage. I think there is a reptile or amphibian type creature that can do that. Maybe I just made it up.

owlhouse said...

oh, ya. The heat is on in Tucson. So hot we had to spend a few hours at the pool today. We'll probably have to get iced tea/coffee/kombucha at the Casbah tomorrow. (and give them a second and FINAL chance!)

Ukiah is trying to convince me that a kitten raised in a van, would have no trouble traveling. You and he should try that sometime.

Maybe it wasn't bloody eyes. Maybe you're thinking of the acid- spitting dinosaurs who killed Newman in Jurassic Park.

It's late and I'm already dreaming- but wouldn't it be great if AG totally lost it in the DoJ senate hearings and implicated Wolfy, who pointed fingers and Rice, who coughed up Rummy, who turned on Cheney, who outed Rove, who blamed Bush? Wouldn't it be great if they all got severe poison oak. Even better, we haul the gang into court already.

owlhouse said...

found it- horny toad
I hope Paul Wolfowitz tries to pick one up.

Anonymous said...

So--what's the story beyoond the Mona Lisa picture? Glad to heear the van is cooperating!! Hope you are all well. Brad--that's a nice picture of you! Aslin--how hot is it there?Love, Mom-GrandmaA

Brad said...

OK, I have to admit, Tombstone wasn't as dumb as I thought it would be. Alot of cool history and museums 'n stuff. Plus real live gun fighters in big black overcoats and spurs walking around!

owlhouse said...

The Mona Lisa paintings are a fine example of the stencil graffiti currently displayed at the few vacant buildings in the Bisbee core.

Brad was going to skip T completely. All because EVERYONE we know told us to skip it. hurrumph. All depends what you're expectations are. I fully appreciated it. Calamity Jane. Need I say more?