Saturday, December 16, 2006

Sacramento Valley School

On Thursday we visited another Sudbury school, the Sacramento Valley School. Aslin and I felt comfortable and made friends there within minutes. I think we fit in because we’re used to the system. The kids and staff were really friendly and welcoming too.

They had a “white elephant” gift exchange which I’d never heard of until now. The idea is that everyone playing the white elephant game brought a present, wrapped it, and put it under the Christmas tree at school. They drew numbers from a santa hat. The numbers determined what order everyone chose a present to open. You also had 3 steals, so on your turn, you could take another person’s gift, then they have to open a new one. The presents ranged from a jester hat, to a poly-pocket doll, to candles, to a roll of toilet paper.

What a great idea, it looked like so much fun… Although some people got stuck with less satisfying gifts, such as the toilet paper roll. See where that ended up?



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Ukiah--I tried to respond to this entry yesterday--but the computer kept doing its random whatever.....speaking of randomness and computers--any luck getting the Apple shut down problem fixed. Hope so.
What did you put into the white elephant gift exchange? Those are fun, aren't they?
Tell your Dad we are looking for a posting from him!!
Enjoy the day....Love, Grandma

nora said...

Thankfully, we downloaded some software updates, and the computer is in full health!
We didn't know in advance about the gift exchange, so were just observing. We would like to put one together next year. Watch for invitations in about 11 months!

ummhmm said...

We're just getting around to visiting your blog, as the fabulous card still sits on the office desk (and we just got internet here!!!)
You're all definitely in the flow and it was a pleasure to meet you all! Keep us informed on how next years' White elephant goes!
Peace, Gypsy from SVS (West coast)

nora said...

Well that's encouraging, getting the front of the house wired has got to make things easier!
We'll keep you posted on our white elephant experiment. Thanks for sharing your celebrations and inspiring us, SVS!