Saturday, December 09, 2006

Dance Party

This is not the same as the squirrels and their disco ball.

Today Nora and I did African dance class which had some yoga too. Most of the dances we learned were from Guinea – with a style that is kind of low to the ground, with strong legs. The teacher, April, was so “there”- you could follow her rhythm and learn easily.

We wore sarongs for fun and to get us in the dance mood. Most of the dances had really fast foot movements and your hands and arms had to work hard to keep up. One dance was a greeting dance, to say “hello” to friends. We danced in a circle and people take turns in the center. You cheer them on. The dances had different parts for women and men, but you can exchange them if you want to.

For yoga, we did the elements- earth, water, fire, air and ether. You invent your own motion for each one. Earth was kind of slow, moving low to the ground or even leaving your feet planted, just moving a little. Air was lightweight with lots of spinning and arms and legs waving.

It was just one class, but a think is should be more than two hours. Even though you sweat a lot.


dawn, iheartcats said...

Cutie needs you to send your calming, familial vibrations to him. Now. He is not adjusting to your departure at all, and no; I'm not 'projecting'. He vacillates between desperate clinging, mean competitive overtures toward Phaedre, and exaggerated dejection. The latter happening when I run him off his newly permanent refugee encampment: the food dish.A kitty operated catnip hookah pipe, that's what I need.

nora said...

Ohhh...Cutie Booty. Poor thing. Has his rudeless to Phaedre led him to take over her space in Shell's box?

Really- What about rescue remedy? A little drop in his water or even on his neck.

I bet Misty will cheer him up. I hope you all can hold out a few more weeks.

Sending love, comfey beds, warm laps and countless door openings...

Anonymous said...

Hi As-Mas---the dance class sound like it was fun! What color was your sarong? Love, Gma
Nora--I am confused about the above comment! Did Cutie get into it with Phaedra? And Phaedra is co-habbing with Shell? What scandal!
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

A kitty-operated catnip hookah pipe...hmmm. Whatever will the caterpillar do!?

nora said...

Yep, the cats have been struggling a bit. Generally, Cutie allows for Phaedra's little sparks, but with us gone- he's standing his ground. He's sure to end his day before her- guaranteeing him a prime spot on the bed. And yes, P has taken to lounging in shell's box.

How'd I miss it? Another Alice in Wonderland connection?!? The hooka. But Im not sure catnip is the answer.