Friday, December 15, 2006


This is Serabi and Rama. Serabi limps because a racoon bit her. She got sick and almost died. Now she's ok but she still doesn't like to use her left back leg- unless she's trying to get close so you will pet her. Rama is stong and sweet. They both like to chase squirrels.

Once a day they get fed tofu, rice and dogfood. They get fed leftovers from parties too, but they don't like to eat salad.

It's my job to walk the dogs every day. We walk to the first stop sign and back. They try to cross the street but I don't let them. Once, when I was walking Serabi, Rama followed us without a leash, so I had to hold him by the collar.

Every Tuesday Jen takes the dogs to her house so they won't go digging in the neighbors garbage. Usually at night Rama gets locked up in the old barn because he likes to go around and do his nighttime mischief.

I love those dogs.

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