Saturday, August 18, 2007


We're home(!)- mourning the loss of our neighborhood chocolate shop and thrilled with the addition of corn to the back garden. Change takes time, and apparently a year is enough for subtle and significant differences. We're working to acclimate, finding our way the the relocated farmer's market and learning Shell's new menu.

Adjusting to the new hive of townhomes at the end of the our street and Cutie's expanded physique should be fairly smooth transitions. The growing stable of Owlhouse bicycles, moderate. Putting all the other aspects of normal life back together could prove more complicated. The prospect of finding jobs, making school decisions and having housemates become neighbors, challenging. A whole new round of adventures. Possibly recorded here. So many decisions.

It's been a busy couple days, not particularly dedicated to unpacking. We'll be around for a while. There's always next week.


Sasha said...

Welcome back! It was good to see you the other day Nora.

owlhouse said...

Thanks, Sasha! It's good to be home, we're enjoying the smell of rain.
Can I take Flora up on her invitation sometime? I'd also like to hear about the sewing tutorial...

Anonymous said...

wow! an entire year on the road. what`s the first thing you did when you got back? and what did you miss the most when you were gone?

owlhouse said...

I know, we made it Ladybug! We've been hearing the questions about what was best, worst, most exciting... And I'll get those into a post as soon as I get a new power cord for the computer. Tomorrow?
Ironically, we were home for about 2 hours, surrounded by chaos, when friends of ours who moved out of state came to the door. We left the mess and went to dinner! It's been one thing after another since... Mostly in good ways.