Saturday, March 17, 2007

St. Patrick's

We honored the day mixing green plaster- American Clay with napa olive pigment and just a touch of choco latte. Sure, the colors dried lighter than we'd have liked, but the clay is terrific. A forgiving texture and completely non-toxic. The clay's ease and allure over other (unnamed, inferior) stucco products, called for celebration. Guiness all round.

In other holiday news, Aslin hooked up with cohousing friends on their way to an Irish dance recital. Keeping with the spirit of all things green, she'll be having a "sleep-out" on the lawn tonight.



dawnonymous hc said...

On our way home from dinner at El Gallito, we heard "pops". I joked, " Honey, did we leave the gun out again?" Kailin said they were fireworks, and wondered aloud what was being celebrated. Kailin Mooney? Repeat: Kailin Mooney-have ever heard such an Irish sounding name? I affectd my best Irish accent "Kailin Moohney ye shudda beeen drinkin' and peeukin', proper celebraetin' of ye hairitage" Instead, she coincidentally wore her green pants, I had a green margharita, and we ate Mexican. Meanwhile, Capital Hill was awash (literally) in celebration. Like Irish Mardi Gras madness or something. And Guiness is $1.49 a can right now. It must be a divine miracle that that can of beer all the way from Ireland is so cheap.

owlhouse said...

I missed your note earlier- sorry, I'm getting lazy... but I thought you'd like to know that our Guiness came from the dollar store- where it was something like 80 cents a can. Long live Irish Mardi Gras- not so much as a celebration of bringins christianity to the heathen pagans, but of green, beer and potatoes!