Thursday, March 22, 2007


Heavy drops. Falling anywhere but the desert, they'd form the kind of puddles that invite stomping. Today from Catalina Park, we watched the clouds roll in. Reunited with the van, we took our wonder lust just outside of town to walk the birding trail. Through desert scrub and riparian terrain, we listened to the birds prepare for the weather. The air of the mesquite bosque shifted as birds took cover and the lightning flared in the distance.

A short second trail took us through the Romero Ruins, remains of a Hohokam village dating back to about 500AD. Archaeologists have identified dwellings, the remains of irrigation systems, a ball court, and just beyond the settlement walls- trash mounds.
(If a fully organic landfill is discernible 500 years after it's abandon, how long will ours plastics, metals, and asbestos tell our story?)

With windshield wipers set to high, we took a quick tour of the campground. Among those roughing it was this fine example of RV craftsmanship, accomponied by a Hummer, for day trips I suspect.


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys--talk about rugged mountains. When I enlarged the top picture of the mtns, the clouds looked even cooler. Yesterday I took my students on a filed trip to the Lexus dealership in Fife--part of our transportation and personal money management. Had thought of taking them to the Hummer place--had moral qualms about so doing--but then reconsidered because the students would like it so much. Called the place--was not successful in making arrangements. So we went to Lexus--focus on the hybrid. Good field triiip--job readiness, borrowing money, importance of communication--the tour director talked alot about how important it is to communicate clearly--language arts! Round 1 of WASLs is overs--round 2 (another 2 wks) will be in April---see what you're missing!
Love to you all.............

owlhouse said...

Lexus-Hummer... sometimes it's hard for me to distinguish difference. My personal (hypoctical) feelings towards cars aside, I'm sure you can tie all sorts of lessons into the field trip. Glad to hear there was a hybrid to learn about. How about fuel economy math? Or history/geography with war. How about a science project on electric cars?

I don't envy your WASL experience! Hang in there...