Monday, March 12, 2007

Atrocious grocery find of the day

AJ's Fine Foods, La Encantada Mall
2905 E Skyline Dr.
Tucson, Az

Cajun Speciality Meats-Turducken, 14 lbs.
Frozen. Sale price- $99
Serves 10-12

*Note. Selected works of John Lennon will be on display at the mall March 16-18.


Ninja_Dusk said...

I didn't know those things were real... I though it was just a joke! That's gross! XD

Brad said...

I like to have at least three kinds of animals in any given meal. Turducken has four! I didn't know it had pork sausage stuffing! Amazing.

farewell said...

Wow...I'm a bit speechless. Who in marketing thought of naming a food product starting with TURD? And did you notice the price discrepancy between the dicey retailer and the direct purchase option via the net. I guess there aren't a lot of internet savvy buyers of Turducken.

owlhouse said...

I never looked at it quite that way, Farewell. For me it's always been tur--duck--en, which is disturbing enough. hmm.

AJ's is a particularly up-scale retailer, not concerned with attracting the cost-saving crowd. It's all about the mood lighting, hardwood flooring and on-site sushi bar.