Saturday, February 03, 2007

Some People Love LA...

the rest of us pray we don't hit traffic, then curse when we do.

From Anaheim to the Getty Museum, I-5, I-10 and 405 were bad. The horendous 2 1/2 hour return trip required the use of hazard lights and a little time-out on the side of the freeway. A situation made all the more uncomfortable by my raging case of poison oak.

Thanks to the father/son team we followed from a strip mall parking lot at Trinity and Washington, to Ukiah and Aslin for knowing when to avoid sibling disputes and to Buttercup for not overheating- we made it back to the Disney neighborhood.

The park opens at 9:00 tomorrow. We've placed our bets on the small-crowd potential of SuperBowl Sunday; could go either way. If we're lucky, "It's a Small World" will have resumed uniting all the peoples of the planet. We're also crossing our fingers for a meeting with Eeyore.


Gabriel K. said...

To whomever it may concern-
We think you guys left your Age of Empires II cd at our house.

Thanks for the picture of Elmo trying to eat Dipsy.


ukiah said...

Hmmm... I don't think it ws us, did we ever bring age of empires 2? I don't think so.

nora said...

but if you don't figure out who AoE belongs to, could you save it for us just in case? Thanks Gabriel!

Gabriel K. said...

I think it's yours because I don't know anyone else who has come to our house has:
1. A Mac
and 2. AoE 2

Ukiah said...

Alright, well if you think it's ours then please just hold on to it and we'll look at it when we come back to seattle, thanks!