Thursday, February 22, 2007

Atrocious grocery find of the day

Fry's Food Mart (A Kroger Co.)
1st & Roger, Tucson

"Kid's Doughnut"
A glazed doughnut topped with gumi bears, m&ms and heavy stripes of orange icing
2 for $1; Baked fresh daily


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh. We were just talking about whether we could make it to Top Pot or Mighty'O this weekend; we'll think of you! Melinda

owlhouse said...

We were just talking about Mighty-O! The thing is, it's so warm here, 70's in February, even "good" doughnuts aren't appealing.

Yesterday was overcast, a mid-morning cinnamon roll-type day. We couldn't find any. Sadly, the bakery:tattoo shop ratio is all out of wack here.

Ukiah said...

They bake the gummy bears fresh daily? Mmm...