Friday, February 09, 2007

Disneyland Remembered

UPDATE, 3/22 - As we were coming to terms with enjoying Disneyland, the Empire was taking legal steps to hijack all of Anaheim. In short, if you're interested in a one-night-stand, Disney is definitely game. If you're looking for a long term relationship, considering moving in... well, that would really cramp Disney's style.

One day at Disneyland is enough to cover most of the rides. Assuming it’s rainy and off-season. Two days let us repeat some favorites and investigate some other attractions. Day three we hoped over to California Adventure for a whole new set of rides, but far fewer character encounters. The fourth day was split between the two parks and dedicated to the “best” rides, character autographs and the quest for pressed pennies. At 10+ hours/day, we put in a full work-week at the parks.

Ukiah- My first pressed penny was Tigger. I had a lot of fun hunting and collecting the pennies in both parks, 19 total.
I felt kind of weird at first, being in a wheelchair, just getting rolled to rides I didn’t know anything about. I never knew I was a roller coaster person, but it turns out they’re a lot of fun, even California Screamin’ which has a loop. Thunder Mountain is one of my favorites. The Sun Wheel at CA was freaky, not good for anybody who is a little scared of heights.
It was also a lot of fun having our pictures taken with the Disney characters. Jack Sparrow was going on break just as we were waiting to meet him, but we met another pirate.
I’m really glad we brought our own food because all they really have is McDonalds disguised to match different areas of the park.
I liked the way music was being played everywhere. It was from all the Disney movies; I never get tired of the music from Pooh. The Indiana Jones music is pretty catchy too. Which reminds me, that’s a pretty cool ride.
For some reason, no matter how hard you look, you won’t find any Owl-related merchandise, and only a tiny mention of him on the Winnie-the-Pooh ride. Kind of disappointing.

Aslin- I loved Space Mountain, that the hills are not straight down, but curved. I also really like Thunder Mountain; it has good scenery- all kinds of animals- snakes, turtles, the goat with the dynamite. I liked the Matterhorn too. I guess I liked all the mountains, but we didn’t get to try Splash Mountain because it was closed. I didn’t like Alice in Wonderland because it was so jerky. And I get annoyed on the rides when people just scream for no reason, when nothing is happening.
The castled was kind of a bummer because you can’t really go in it, it’s just shops. Plus, at night it turns pink, which isn’t so good for a castle.
I liked being with the characters and collecting pennies. I was glad to meet Stitch and really surprised to meet Rafiki. I wanted to meet Jack, but he had to go have his break.

Can I admit to being impressed and having a good time without giving up my concerns over Disney’s sexism, racism, sweatshop garment production, promotion of unchecked consumerism…?

A day at Disneyland is a bit like being involved in a full day, live theatre production. The characters are engaging, most of the employees are helpful and seem happy, and I LOVE the Mali-boomer. Given company politics, it’s hard for me to swallow the “Happiest Place on Earth” bit, but it was surprisingly fantastic. Hollywood Tower is not to be missed.


Gabriel K. said...

I agree with you.
It seems just a little short of being "The Happiest Place on Earth".
However it is fun as long as there aren't ginormous lines.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you all had a good time, all things considered. How's your ankle Ukiah? Aslin, when I went on Space Mtn (when your Mom was about Ukiah's age), I was scared! I do no like heights--plus it was so fast and curvy and dark. I am so glad that you all got to go and that you enjoyed yourselves.
I love you, Gma and Mom

Ukiah said...

The lines were quite small, especially on weekdays, and you could always get a fastpass for the popular rides like california screamin'. It may not be the absolute happiest place on earth, but it's still a pretty happy place.
I went in a wheelchair at disneyland because it would just be alot of walking but it's heeled pretty much entirely by now. :)

Aslin said...

Well Grandma, I love space mt.-the Red Hot Chili Peppers music made a nice touch fro the ride. It was
the best. I love big thundr mt., well I guess I love all the mt. rides! I think Disneyland is a grat place. I also like hollywood tower. You go up 13 floors, and then fall fast! It was so much fun!

jodi said...

Hey guys! Glad you had a fun Disney experience. Can't wait to take Grace in a few years. Thank you for her Mickey shirt. Even without any Disney "experience", she loves that mouse (how does Disney do it?)! Thanks for thinking of her.
Happy & safe travels,
The Seattle Claggs :)

owlhouse said...

We're glad Grace likes her shirt. Kind of. We'll just say we're glad she got it!

When you're ready, we could probably be talked into meeting you for a Disney day, accompanying Grace on Peter Pan while you and Mark brave something for the over four-foot crowd. Planning ahead...