Sunday, February 18, 2007

A bit of a situation

Yesterday I made a confession.
We're in Tucson (lovely) and it's been ages since I've enjoyed the luxury of both a working cell phone and reliable internet at the same time. In taking advantage of these communication wonders, I caught up on a series of emails and phone calls. Tucked in to extended stories about Joshua Tree and time share presentations, somewhere between checking in about friends' health, work, loves and housing, I mentioned that we'll be continuing east. New Mexico, Texas and Brad's hope of Louisiana.

To my credit, I did say that the van has been running like a champ. I also disclosed some apprehension about her abilities. Before the day was over, she died in traffic.

Thanks to the man who left his fast food to cross the street and help us push. Thanks to the Carmen Ghia driver stuck behind us, who didn't honk. Thanks to Buttercup for resting, starting again and getting us home. Thanks to Kamillia, a women we have yet to meet, for sharing her house, giving us a "home" base for a few days. Thanks to the VW wizards and lovers at the Samba who took no time in returning a virtual diagnosis, fuel pump.

Today we'll be studying our Bentley manual, trying to clean a particular fuel pump screen, and seriously considering finding temporary employment.


Amanda said...

1) Sorry Buttercup felt under the weather--hope she is doing better.

2) Where do Ukiah and Aslin do martial arts, and do they do summer camps?

doesthismatter said...

(ok, this is getting a little ridiculous, I'm not going to get all conspiratorial yet-as perhaps this is my error-but none of my last three comments have posted, the last one I 'published' twice, what the hell-?)

nora said...

Thanks for your concern, Amanada. No word on her wellbeing yet...

Seattle Kajukenbo/Kung Fu Kids I'm not sure if they'll have a summer camp program, but recommend it if they do!


itmatterstonora said...

Clearly the conspiritors have taken a day off, likely to claim their stakes in the circus of all this early campaigning.

Or maybe, influenced by your comments on the LA smog/trash situation (I know you had something to say on that), they've given up censorship in favor of leading an environmental revolution.