Saturday, September 23, 2006

A work in progress

Take a look at the sidebar, see anything new? Thats right, a links section. I'm still working on it, its confuzing because I need to directly alter the html codes that basically render the entire site and it's template. This post is here to inform you that the links may or may not work and that I am still working on it. Anyway, I/We hope to have some links up soon. -Ukiah


nora said...

Thanks Ukiah! We could link to Wwoof Canada (or US) for starters.

Kimber said...

Hello Beautiful Family!!!

WWWwwwoooo HHHooo! I just found the card with the Owlhouse info... read your adventure and observation stories... and Now I'm all caught up!

What a great way to keep in touch. I swear i come from some other time period, but is it waay in the future or waay in the past?.. I'm not sure.
Awesome job on the site Ukiah (you always were a clever one! OH and witty too Oh wait did I?.. Oh...)

It's great that you all made this trip happen and are now seeing the world in a new way. Perhaps even in a timeless way, eh? Where life still flows around the simplicity and honesty of good people, hard work, and real food. Ah marvelous!!

Okay so about that "time" thing again... CONGRATULATIONS on Living another year you two lovely Ladies!!!! My how the years just keep on truckin by. Well it's a pleasure to know you both, and I'm thrilled that you're doing so well!

Hey Aslin!- "Wanna be a crazy ole cat lady with me? I know i'm already on the way, oh and we're so young!"

When are you coming back to Seattle?
I'm still here but heading south in a couple days.

Much Love and Infinite Blessings
----KX The Mystic Monkey

Anonymous said...

We are back from the coast and catching up on the laundry and mail...but much more interesting is reading your posts. Thanks for sharing with us. We sang happy birthday to you while flying kites and building sandcastles, Nora. Here's to a fabulous year for you!

love, Melinda, Brandon and Keyara

nora said...

Thanks Brandon, Keyara and Melinda! Oh, the ocean... I'm feeling drawn to the coast, wondering about the wisdom of camping in early November. Maybe I can build river sand castles this week.

nora said...

Kimber!! You can be a "crazy ole cat lady" with Aslin, but don't forget our plans for a front porch with rocking chairs. ;)
I don't think we'll swing back through Sea until late Oct- but you'll be long gone. Maybe we'll catch up in Tenn? XOXOX

Ukiah said...

Dont you think we're getting a bit off-topic?