Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Man in black

Favorite Johnny Cash songs of the day...
Aslin- Ring of Fire
Brad- Folsom River Blues
Ukiah- I've been Everywhere
Nora- San Quentin

Yesterday's soundtrack for our drive from Mayerthorpe to Jasper included Interpol, The Police, Buzzcocks, Jesus and Mary Chain, Wolfmother and an hour of Mr Cash.

Today's drive may be less musical. We left our precious collection of power cords (computer, ipod, phone...) back at the farm. We're hoping to catch up with them at the Greyhound station in Banff in a couple days.

The weather is lovely- a high of 21 degrees today. Turquiose water under a soft-cloud sky is tempting. Maybe I'll wade. Aslin will surely swim.


mooshx said...

I'm with Ukiah, my favorite JC song is "I've Been Everywhere", too.

Glad to have found your blog -- hope you all can make it to the middle west one of these days!

(Eva's dad :-)

Anonymous said...

What about 'don't take your guns to town' ?
Still haven't seen the movie.

Brad said...

Yeah, that's a good one too. Then there's the one about the cadilac he builds piece by piece while working at the auto factory. Haven't seen the movie either.

Hey Mike, what are you doing up at 5:40 am? Oh yeah, you're a farmer now. It would be cool if we could make it up your way. Hmm...

nora said...

Mike! Yes, we do plan to make it your may- but not for many months. We'll see how we hold up through the winter.

We miss you all, hope you are well. I'm waiting for Laura to email, and Aslin needs Eva's address. She's saving a postcard.

love to the family!