Sunday, September 10, 2006


(8/27- we're a bit behind!)
At the border we were instructed to park the van as an agent would have some questions for us. It was an unexpected rest-stop but after driving a few hours, we stretched our legs on the walk to the office. We hadn't taken advantage of the other rest-stop amenities and once in the interview room were not able to leave, even for the restroom. The Canadian agent asked our names. He disappeared, I assume to search for us in assorted criminal-related databanks.

Lamps in the corners reflected shades of blue. I admired the Canadians, providing full-spectrum lighting for people in this stressful situation. Very progressive. "ZAPP." I hadn't recognized these as bug-lights. I'd missed the giant "Ex-ucator" label on the side.

The agent returned. "Ever been denied entrance to Canada?" he asked and again disappeared.

An hour and a dozen dead flies later, we were on our way.

We spent the night in Cardston. The city park/campground backed to a wildlife preserve and stream, home to skunks, snakes, dragonflies, trout and owls. Aslin swam until dark, I spied through the windows of a closed/abandon restaurant down the road and Brad met a guy in the bathroom. The man was washing vegetables in the sink. "I just picked vegetables from someone's garden..." He offered to share then gave directions for a quick tour of Calgary.

In the morning we learned that Albertans drive ridiculously fast. Or so it seems from our Volkswagen with a broken speedometer.

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