Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Question of the day

This morning I was weeding a sea of about 8,000 Rhodiola Rosea plants at a medicinal herb farm in Millet, Alberta. A man from town worked the row next to me. We'd made introductions yesterday. I knew he'd been in the Canadian air force, stationed in Bermuda. He knew I was from Seattle. American.

"Do you think President Bush is being unfairly targeted?" he asked.

I got excited. Maybe the tides have turned in the few weeks I've been away from political news. I'm almost looking forward to checking some on-line sources.

I assured my co-worker that any pressure brought on Mr. Bush is overdue and well deserved. My lack of sympathy came as a surprise. He had assumed we were all in support of the president.

"So you don't think the other party is too hard on him?" he questioned/confirmed.

No. Unless I've missed something wonderful?

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dawn, hc said...

I had a dream this morning .... but alas, when I woke up it was not so. The Robber Barons and their court still hold the House, Congress and country. The waking nightmare continues. On the brighter side of more personal news, I got a job at BikeWorks, which is awesome! I thought they'd never hire me. I may even start going to transportation meetings as a BikeWorks representative. The house is still standing, Cutie is doing well, and the garden is going crazy, but in a well cared for way. So, wow! You made it to Canada. Thanks for representing americans in disagreement with the president, AIDWTP, we meet everyday, everywhere.