Thursday, August 17, 2006

Owlhouse FAQs

(yes, these are the haircuts you get when thinking you'll be on the road -away from our favorite stylish hair-crafters- for who knows how long.)

“So, when are you leaving?”
Early August. Maybe mid. Okay, later than we planned, but we're out the door today, Friday 8/18. The question remains, should we catch a matinee of Little Miss Sunshine before we go?

“What made you want to do this?”
This trip is inspired by the need to "try something different." We considered a range of "somethings"- but opted for the extended road trip and organic farm work. Still on the back burner are thoughts of volunteer vacations to Greece to care for sea turtle nesting grounds; farming or teaching english in Croatia, Ecuador or Argentina; recording whale migration in Scotland; or farming and ecobuilding on Maui. Ok- it looks like those will be trips for another year. But we're definately going to Mesa Verde in Colorado.

“What about school for the kids?”
They won't be going. Having spent most of their school careers at the Clearwater School, they’re fully capable of learning and growing in non-traditional settings.
Ukiah "We'll be learning a lot more practical stuff on this trip anyway."
Aslin “I’ll really miss my friends, but you know how it is, sometimes you just have to get out.”

“What about work?”
Planning and preparing for this has been a job in itself! On the road we'll be doing some volunteer/work-trade work through the WWOOFer program.
Nora “After 8 (or 10) years at the preschool I’m taking a leave of absence. I’m looking forward to the inspiration Katie and Lilly will bring to the school.”
Brad “I quit… but I’ll have the option of going back. I’m keeping an open mind.”

“Where are you going?”
It's a really open ended trip, and we're planning just one leg at a time. We'll head east through Idaho, and into Montana and Glacier National Park. Then, up into Alberta where we'll be volunteering at farms in Carstairs (N of Calgary), Millet (S of Edmonton) and Mayerthrope (NW of Edmonton). From there we'll cross the Rockies, spend some time in BC and swing back through Seattle in early-mid October. If all is going well, we'll head south for the winter.

“What about your house?” Dawn and Kailin will be holding down the fort. Steph and Kat helped for a while, then Misty moved in despite the squirrels. Thanks Ladies! ;)

“Are your pets coming?”
Cutie loves to come on walks with us, but he never crosses the busy streets, so he'll be staying home. Plus, he's working on a new relationship with Phaedre and kind of wants to hang around and see where that will go.
Shell couldn't find any good burrowing spots in the van, so he'll be staying home too. We're crossing our fingers that the van will carry us into the SE and we'll be able to send him a post card from his ancestral home.

“Why didn’t you do this 10 years ago when gas prices were affordable?”
Aslin- “ I didn’t exist.”
Brad- “ I wasn’t’ brave enough.”
Nora- “We hadn’t closed on the house yet, so I doubt the bank would have agreed to refinancing with cash back.”

“Can we leave comments on your blog?”
Please do! Just click "comments" then "post" your response. We'd love to hear from you- questions, comments, suggestions for places we should visit, phone numbers for your cousin who might let us stay with her for a night in New Mexico... We'd also appreciate if you'd sign your name.


Anonymous said...

hope your trip is going well.
when are ya guys gonna be posting more stuff? i think you should post at least twice a week. have fun

dad said...

How are you finding the 4 cylinder engine so far? Does it have enough power over the extended hills?

lucas said...

Hey whats up have you guys gotten to do all kinds of cool stuff yet

Check out this owl i made

>< ><

lucas said...
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Anonymous said...

thats weird it made to o well

Ukiah said...

Ha! Nice Owl! And about that twice a week thing, we dont really get to decide. We're onlinewhen we can be...

Ed Brubaker said...

Hey guys -- Cutie has come by a few times to see if maybe you're all hiding over here. Hope you're having fun.

Mel and Ed

scotty said...

bon voyage and happy travels! mercedes and i are really jealous!

Dawn, HC said...

Hello Owlhouse! WOW! I don't know what to say-I love the blog! Owlhouseblog rocks! The 'ladies' and I are doing pretty well, getting along. I don't have a job yet, but the break has been great for this transition. I don't think I mentally could have withstood the change and upheaval working that lame ass job anyway. Nora, your passport finally arrived. Phaedre and Cutie are playing together now, and Cutie tried to sleep with Kat and Steph last night. Shell has been getting fed regularly, and the garden is well watered. I'm thinking of having a 'garden party' with the roomies to clear out morning glory and other debris, weeds etc. So all is well on the homefront. How is the trip going?

Donna & Carina said...

We called you house but TOO LATE. One of the "ladies" gave us an update. Just read some of your blog. SO EXCITING. I love the photos with your messed-up faces. We're happy we can track you - in a non-stalking sort of way. Keep keeping us posted. Love and lower gas prices to you...

lisap said...

The architectural lightbulb just went on....
I get it.

Anonymous said...

Posted by neighbor, Julie - I'm envious (in a good way)! I want to be you! I've talked to Marc about doing this with our kids... back before we even had one. I love that you have pulled them out of school for the year. They will learn so much in your travels! Have a great time!