Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sled Review

The Wham-O sled is big and blue. It is double seated and made from foam. It's shiny and tough.
We have another sled that is small and floppy. The Wham-O sled is better. We sled down a big hill where the road was frozen, "Weee"
I also reccomend the card game Bella Sara. It's all about horses and how you can take care of them.
And the chocolates that Caitlin's mom makes are really good too.

WHAM-O "Blade Runner" Sled
It's snowing! The streets are frozen! Perfect for sledding! Why waste this moment? Use a sled that works, like this one! We have two other sleds, both failed us... but the Wham-O sled saved the day! We cruised down the biggest hill in the neighborhood and the sled was barely dented. (Beat that Disneyland.) This sled has room for two people- although it is safer with just one. After a little practice it is easy to steer with you feet. (safety tip)
I highly recomend it.
Five (count 'em) stars!

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