Thursday, January 11, 2007

We heart snakes

If it were warmer, we'd probably find all sorts of snakes in the woods here, even rattlesnakes. But it's winter and most are hibernating. We have caught a couple different types of salamander and we hear lots of frogs, but they're harder to find.

This is a gopher snake. It’s very fast. In the picture you may only see one, but there are two. The other is sleeping. You know how people say snakes are slimy? Well, actually, they’re not. They are very cool. They make me think of Shell. ~Aslin

There are two snakes in aquariums in the office at Camp Ocean Pines. They’re gopher snakes (they get their name from what they eat) but since they’re pets, they get fed mice. They didn’t have names so we just call this one “Fluffy Brownie Snowball”.
Some people think snakes are slimy, buy they’re not, just smooth. It feels really weird having a snake wrap around your arm, but it makes them feel more secure because they won’t fall. The snakes were hibernating but it’s been so warm, they woke up. The snake hissed, “What? Spring already?” Even the hissing tongue isn't slimy, it just tickles. I'm thinking of getting a snake. ~Ukiah