Monday, January 01, 2007

Here's looking at you, kid!

With two bottles of sparkling cider, we rang in the New Year on the dunes of Morro Bay beach, where the people watching was fantastic. Some kids built castles, others drove remote-control cars and some took running leaps before belly-flopping in to the sand. The wind encouraged one man to attempt flying. In a wetsuit, he harnessed himself to a gigantic kite contraption. We squinted into the sun, watching him skim the sand for about 10 feet before rolling tripping back to ground. Birders with clipboards directed their binoculars at Morro Rock and we set our attentions on rock scrambling.

Atop the rock barrier, the crush of waves retreated to a tranquil sunlit aquamarine, only to cap white again. One lone duck went along for the ride. We tempted the spray to tag us, edging out until a swell prompted our common sense.

We'll close the first day of our New Year back at Camp Ocean Pines. From our deck, we watch the sea lions wake as the sun sets.

Health and Happiness,
Love and Laughter,
Peace and Prosperity,
and a dozen additional pairs of blessing for your New Year!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! Sounds like your eve was interesting. I think Murro Bay is a cool town--Nora, do you remember during our Disney Land trip, driving thru it, turning around to drive thru and sight see a second time. What a beautiful setting.
Aslin--have you seen any more deer? Do any of them have antlers?
Ukiah, have you ever heard of a computer game called Fate?--what do you think of it.........

Love, Mom and Gma

Aslin said...

I've seen lots of deer! The males are much less shy than the females. We also found two dead deer up in the forest- but they didn't have blood coming out. Maybe they died of old age. Or maybe they were hunted by mountain lions.
We went to the beach and I heard that sound you like so much. You're right, it's beautiful to hear the sound of the
rocks being pulled back to sea.
Happy New Year!
Love, Aslin

Aslin said...
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