Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Elephant Seals: Part 2

We went back to the Elephant seal beach recently. The elephant seals were much more active. There was still alot of laying around but there was also a bit of sparring, new born pups and loud barking.

Male, female and baby elephant seals. (Some males grow much bigger than this one)

A mom and her baby. A pup's bark sounds nothing like what you would expect... It sounds more like an angry monkey than a seal. One pup in perticular (not this one) was barking ALOT and driving even the other seals crazy. One of the larger male seals bit the pup to shush him. Poor little pup...

Most of the seals laying down were using (or had used) their fins to "splash" sand over themselves. They itch and adjust much like us humans, in fact, when they scratch you can clearly see the little "fingers" in their fins and they look alot like human hands... They annoy each other like we do too.

A large sleepy male elephant seal. Um... Not much to say about this picture.

Two smaller males sparring (Sort of like practice fighting.) There were several pairs of younger males sparring in the waves. They bite and bash each other with their bellies but they aren't REALLY all-out fighting yet, the ones you see in the picture are not old enough to compete for mates yet.



dawn hardcore sissypants said...

Happy Birthday Brad! Geezus! I'm late again. I hope you a sweet day, good coffee and-one thing you definately would not get here-sunshine. It is also supposed to snow again. And windstorms have knocked down more power lines last week. We're pretty lucky that we don't live at or near the top of a hill. The basement is really hanging in there, too. I pass by so many houses on my way to work that have the plumbing truck parked outside with the pump going and the big hoses flooding the street with water. Not us. Whew! All the trees are still standing too. Lucky lucky lucky. I've never wanted summer to come faster in my whole life, however if it is going to be as extreme as this winter has been so far, maybe I should move somewhere the weather is for sissies like me!

Brad said...

Hey, Dawn!
Thanks for the birthday wishes. I did have a pretty sweet day. Went to the beach and then had dinner at an organic winery. Great rhone style wines and home made pizza cooked in a wood fired cob oven. The weather here is fantastic. Today was sunny and around 75! I won't rub it in too much. Talk to you later! Say hi to everyone for me.

dawn wino stinkypeepants said...

Wow! What a cool coincidence, I bought some organic rhone last night. It is from France though, and I have not tried it yet; opting for the whiskey/hot choc combo on these cold nights instead. I am really starting to miss the rivers of beer and fountains of wine here at the Owlhouse. Are you going to be working at the winery for awhile? Which winery is it? I'll look for their wines at the store.

nora said...

Ms. Wino,
It may be time for an intervention. Shell would like to sit down with you- review some of your recent conduct. He proposes to start eating vegetables if you lay off the whiskey. Or at least agree to do you laundry.

PIPESTONE VINEYARDS. Great wine, great people, great sustainable practices. You can link to them above. We're not working there, just went for a visit- and looking forward to returning for a longer stay at some point.