Thursday, November 15, 2007


I'm pretty sure that was not a dog running down my street at 6:30 this morning.
About a month ago, I saw a raccoon, lounging like the Cheshire cat in the one tree adjacent the Safeway parking lot.
Not too uncommon, but a coyote?!?


T A Delmore said...

Come on Nora, Tricksters must abound around you. Tom

Amanda said...

My former boss took the coyote pic that accompanies this PI article from last summer

Maybe keep Cutie in at night!

owlhouse said...

True, true, Tom. But generally I recognize them as such and THIS appeared to be a real, authentic coyote.

Turns out, a friend of mine a few blocks away saw two coyotes the very next day. Which makes me feel slightly less crazy... ;)

owlhouse said...

Actually, we're training Cutie to out -smart, out-run, out-climb the coyotes.
One, because he really values his freedom and might have Saturday night plans.

Two, because we're considering turning our yard into a coyote sanctuary, which we suspect would curb the squirrel issue. The menacing fluffy tails are wreaking havoc with their digging and scampering. They're out of the attic- now feasting on bulbs, crushing winter pea sprouts. And, I'm pretty sure they've struck a deal with the vampires- ensuring the failure of next year's garlic crop.
Evil squirrels.