Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Ukiah and I fell asleep on couch before 11, he exhausted by coughing, me drowsy after half Gale's Christmas Ale. DDR continued and apparently a new song was unlocked. I woke to watch the stuttering of Space Needle fireworks and am sure an effort was made, but don't remember what we toasted. The night ended with Dawn's intellectual and pragmatic dissection of Brad's and my decade old debate- what is butt rock? Share your opinion below or here (note- #7 is entirely wrong.)

After lentils for prosperity and the lighting of the Buddha, we at the owlhouse raised glasses of sparkling cider.
TO- monkeys; peace, love and understanding; Will Smith; inspiration and action; Bruce Springsteen; moving forward; smart people; hard work and fun; and you.

Our love and wishes for the new year.

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