Saturday, January 19, 2008

beer of the day

Brad and I found ourselves with a rare moment alone together and opted for conversation over a beer. Or two. And because it appears I'm unable to find time for a meaningful post, let me comment on the greatness of Big Time's Lift Ticket winter brew. Of course you could appreciate the amber goodness on site at the brewery but that brings you uncomfortably close to the jock/frat boy element that dominates the U-district. Rather, we suggest the Fiddler's Inn, where seasonal brews are advertised on a handwritten list delivered to your small, not too sticky table. It's a working man's bar; decent menu, heavy wooden seats, muted sports on screen behind the bar, and a waitress who may or may not be interested in serving you. If only it were walking distance.
Further inspiration for advancing the homebrew efforts...


Kim said...

Ah Fiddler's...Nick and I are curious to know how many visits it took to come up with that very accurate description? Nick used to live right around the corner, and would go with his friends quite frequently - his exact quote: "If you go in expecting terrible service, you'll have a great time".

owlhouse said...

Well, we had a phase of appreciating happy hour there- and it only took about 2 visits to learn that table service was not really an option. We're not in the area so often these days... :(

I've been meaning to follow up on the new job situation. Sounded really positive!