Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Every day is a story, maybe an entire collection. Travels and new adventures aside, some of ours are worth telling, others not. Sometimes it’s difficult to know the difference.

Not yet discussed (discussed enough)…
• Draft root beer
• Infinity Solstice
• Dirty tomatoes
• Vacation Ownership
• Roadside signs for artisan broom makers
• Mulch- weed barrier or mouse habitat?
• Horse castration
• Ghosts
• Libraries
• Root cellars
• Family dynamics
• Guns-n-Roses
• The difference between organic and sustainable/ethical
• Cuba
• The olive tree incident
• Celebrity first-aid videos
• Fire
• Bears
• Mountain Pine Beetle
• Sin taxes
• George Bush’s claim of possible WMDs in the candy pile, his subsequent invasion of the pile and the uprising of a resistance movement fronted by Aslin the witch, Ukiah the young politician and other freedom fighters.

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