Sunday, November 26, 2006

In Bloom

All last year, it sat in the kitchen window. Once a week, for an hour or so, I'd put the plant to rest in a deep bowl of water. Laura's instructions when we adopted this little orchid. If we were in southern California right now, I'd have missed this bloom.

The van's still in the shop. The attic seems to be squirrel-free. Tomorrow we'll check the situation of both.


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys!
It is wondeerful to read your latest entry. I have tried to access you for a couple days--but only got a blank screen. Are you still at the Mediatation place? How do you like it over all? How many people there?

Aslin--I really like Judy Blume books too! It's it grand to read?
Ukiah--sounds like you're really into fantasy-type books. Do you ever think of being a writer?
Next time I go to the library, I am going to check out Cloud Atlas--with 2 recommndations--it's gotta be a winner!

I am so glad the van is up and running! What's the price of gas like down your way. My el-cheapo cash only ARCO station dropped to $2.17/gal this summer--but is now back to $2.33.

The situation in Iraq seems a little less bleak--at least we are talking and planning now. Not simply mindlessly killing. being killed, and pouring money into and ends money pite equipped with a high power suction device.

I cut my finger a couple days ago--not bad--but enough to make typing I will sign off.

Have a great day....

I love you all,

nora said...

Last night there was a big dinner here at the center- maybe 50 people, plenty of kids. It's been good- one of those "new experiences" this trip is all about!

I'm off to find a laundramat before rush hour- which seems to start around 3:00.

Hope you enjoy Cloud Atlas.