Saturday, October 06, 2007

2 truths and a lie

Our game repertoire is expanding. In between singing the rainbow song and practicing kneeing against an enormous soccer ball, I'm learning to Wake up Fred and play Battleship at work. Ukiah and the homeschool teens spent half an hour silently arranging themselves according to their birthdays. Expanding his terms of endearment vocabulary, Brad won a few hands of Quao. And after last week's drama class, Aslin taught us what could be a fabulous party game or a unique communication style, 2 Truths and a Lie.

  • I'm learning how to knit.
  • I'm trying to read all the books in the house.
  • I hate Kelly Clarkson.


  • This werewolf is headed to Germany to promote cobweb sales.
  • I was driving through Madison Valley when the brakes gave out.
  • I'm not giving up the green chair.

  • I don't like socks.
  • I'm learning to use a zambato.
  • I like clay toasters.

  • My hands froze selling Liberty and Scarlet O'Hara apples at the market.
  • I'm taking a break from Earl Grey tea.
  • I haven't heard any squirrels on the roof in days.


skholiast said...

2 Truths / 1 Lie

* I have voted scratch ticket Libertarian more than once.

* My stepson-to-be witnessed no accidents on the way home from school today.

* I am stealing this game to play with the kids at school.


owlhouse said...

I really hope this means that G did NOT witness an accident, especially up close?

This should inspire us to get together for game night...


mooshx said...

* Road construction can be enjoyable
* Eva and Aslin have nothing in common
* Americano's are best served cold

owlhouse said...

Very belatedly-
HA! Mike-
--Everyone knows that coffee should always be served HOT as it's primary purpose is to warm hands.
--And, If you enjoy road construction, you may want to consider returning to the pacific northwest. (hint, hint)
--Does Eva like America's next Top Model too? Didn't I watch that at your house years ago?!?